Rouge Renard is a range of handbags, tote bags and accessories made from recycled materials. Each piece is unique and handmade. The materials recovered are currently leather, vinyl, awning canvas, banner for the lining and the seat belt.

RougeRenard is also you, resolutely modern and urban young women. And you gentlemen who care about style and originality. In the frenzy of the metro-work-gym-five to seven-grocery store-sleep , a chic and practical tote becomes an essential in your everyday wardrobe. Unique and designer pieces made from recycled materials.


Rouge Renard is Anne-Marie Coulombe.

Anne-Marie has several years of experience in sewing. Costumes, wedding dresses, she has touched almost all types of fabrics and materials, always driven by a passion for creation and ecology, a burning desire to think outside the box.

RougeRenard is ...

“Red” for his beautiful freckles, of course, but also for the rebel side, protest, left field.

"Fox", because like the elegant and mysterious animal, Anne-Marie is cunning and inhabited by a need to do things differently. Rouge Renard is the call for the creation of a smart young woman.

RedRenard, they are cunning, clever bags ..

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